Studio Paradiso


Professionally built and designed rooms - Large control room tuned by Bob Hodas - Total of 4 tracking rooms with excellent isolation

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2 Otari MTR90 MKIII 24 track 2 inch tape machines
Studer A80 2 track 1/2 inch tape machine


Neve 8816/8804 Summing Mixer and Fader Pack
Innertube Audio Atomic Sumthang


2 Focal Twin6 Nearfields
2 Yamaha NS 10 Near Fields
3 Genelec 1037 Mains, LCR
1 Genelec 1094A Subwoofer
2 Genelec 1031 Near Fields, Surrounds
1 Furman HDS-6 (6 channel/box headphone system for 6 individual mixes)


1 Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead
3 Telefunken M80
2 Shure KSM 313 Ribbon Mic
2 Shure SM81
1 Neuman M149 Tube Mic
1 Neuman M147 Tube Mic
2 Neuman U87
3 AKG 414B T-ULS
2 AKG C480b
1 AKG D112
1 Advanced Audio CM-7
4 Sennheiser 421
1 EV RE20
1 Royer SF12 ribbon mic
6 Shure SM57
1 Beyer M88
2 Beyer M201
3 Heil PR20
1 Heil PR30
1 Heil PR40
2 Peluso R14 Ribbon Mics
1 Peluso P12 Tube Condenser
1 Yamaha SubKick
1 Lewitt LCT540

MIC Preamps - Compressors - EQ

6 Manley Dual Tube pre's (12 channels of pristine tube pre)
1 Manley VOXBOX Tube Channel Strip
1 Summit TPA 200B Dual Tube Pre
1 Chandler LTD TG12413 Zener Limiter
1 Chandler LTD TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition Dual Mic Pre
2 Chandler LTD-1 10-Series MIc Pre/Eq
1 Theremonic Culture Phoenix Mastering Compressor
1 A Designs Pacifica Dual Mic Pre
2 Urei LA 3A Limiter
1 Smart C1 Dual Compressor
2 Empirical Labs Distressor
2 DBX 160A compressor
2 Focusrite Red 2 Dual EQ
1 Summit EQP 200B Dual Tube EQ
1 HHB Classic 70 Dual Tube EQ

Outboard Effects

1 Lexicon 300L
1 Lexicon PCM 80
1 Eventide H3000 DSX
1 TC Electronic Fireworx


Pro Tools 10
Reason 4
Waves Platinum Bundle V9
Soundtoys TDM Bundle
Massenburg MDW EQ Bundle
Massey Plugins: Tape Head, CT4, THC
Digidesign HD3 Plug in Bundle
Celemony Melodyne


Kawai Baby Grand Piano KG-2C
Fender American STD Stratocaster w/ Lindy Fralin Pups
EB Musicman Bass
Rickenbacker 4001 Jetglo Bass
Couch Guitar Straps


1957 WFL Ludwig drums: 26"/22"/16"/13"/14" snare
Ludwig John Bonham Vistalite: 26/14/16/18
Ludwig / Dunnet "The Chief" 6.5x14”Handcrafted Titanium Supraphonic
Ludwig Supraphonic Snare 6x14
Ludwig Acrolite 5x14" Snare
Noble & Cooley Solid Shell 7x14" Snare
Spaun Vented Acrylic/Maple Hybrid 6x14 Snare
World Max "BLack Beauty" 6.5x14" Snare
Paiste Signature Series Cymbals 14/16/18/20/22"
30" Wuhan Earth Gong

Amps - Cabs

Alembic F2B 2 channel guitar/bass preamp (Vintage red knob)
Ampeg SVPCL bass preamp
Ampeg B25 amp w/matching cab - vintage 1970's
Ampeg B15N Bass Amp- Vintage 1960's
Gallien Krueger 800RB Bass Amp
Presonus Acoustic-Q tube accoustic instrument preamp
Tech 21 Sansamp
Marshall JTM45 (handwired Weber Clone)
2 Marshall 1960AX - 35th anniversary white 4x12cabinet [Celestion Greenbacks]
Fender Tonemaster 100w Custom Shop hand wired
Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve guitar amp
Marshall DBS 7400 bass head


(2) Peterson Strobo Stomp Strobe Tuners
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
ZVEX Wooly Mammoth
Fulltone Ultimate Octave
Fulltone Bassdrive Mosfet
ProCo Rat
EH Memory Man (vintage)
(2) Visual Sound Liquid Chorus
EH Big Muff Pi
Boss CS-2
Boss OVD-B
and more ..........

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