Studio Paradiso


Studio Paradiso offers a multitude of services to meet your creative needs.


Studio Paradiso offers full service analog and digital recording. We run a Protools HD3 Accel system on an 8Core Intel Mac. We have an Otari MTR 90 2" 24 track and Studer A80 1/2" 2 track both maintained by Michael Gore of B.A.S.E. We have a great selection of microphones, tube preamps, tube eq and compression. Band recording is available with full separation and personal monitoring.

Voice Over

We can quickly and conveniently record narration for commercials, cartoons and a wide variety of projects. Typical signal chain would be a Neumann M149 into a Manley Voxbox, straight into Pro Tools.


Harness the full power of Digital editing. We can help get those sloppy drum parts in time or tune up those wandering vocals.We use Beat Detective, Melodyne, Auto Tune and the full power of Pro Tools to perform digital surgeries on ailing tracks.


Take advantage of our large selection of instruments to fill out your songs. Add those big drum sounds to your home studio project without getting evicted from your apartment. Replace those thin keyboard sounds with the sound of a real piano in a nice room. Start your project on 2" tape here with live drum, bass and guitar tracks, transfer to Pro Tools then take home to add overdubs and edits from the comfort of your home studio. You have ideas and we can help you realize them. We can arrange studio musicians to play your compositions.


Studio Paradiso offers full mixing services for a variety of projects. Call to talk about the possibilities for your project.


So you wanna be a rockstar (or maybe moonlight as one)? Bring in your backing tracks and we can record your vocals. You will go home with a cd of your new hit! Perfect as a gift or a way to encourage someone's musical interests. Check the Mosser site for the Mosser Tunes Package, a great gift for the aspiring singer.

Luxury Rehearsal Services

Rehearse in style at Studio Paradiso: Tired of rehearsing in a cramped, sweaty room flooded with the sound of 20 other bands? Come rehearse at Studio Paradiso where you will enjoy a private facilty complete with vintage and boutique instruments, a baby grand piano, studio quality microphones and your own air conditioning. A high quality stereo recording is included in the hourly price so that you can document your rehearsal. You have access to all the amenities of the Mosser Hotel which include Annabelle's restaurant and lounge. Food and beverage catering packages are available and room packages can be arranged if you are rehearsing with out of town musicians. Lockouts are available, perfect for pre-production or to get ready for the big gig (we are located 1 block from the Warfield). Check our gear list for the full selection of instruments and gear available then contact us at 415.357.6291.

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